In the Polish Christmas tradition there is now a small confusion with presents. Are gifts given on 6 or 24 December? On the 6th of December in the Catholic Church the day of Saint. Nicholas the bishop (also worshiped in the Orthodox Church) is celebrated. Miracle worker, he helped the poor and people in need. He reportedly shared his inheritance with the poor. Over the years, the habit of giving gifts to children on that day has become accepted, and the image of the clergyman was replaced by a commonly known phrase – an older man with a beard and a huge bag of presents. This Santa Claus lefts a gift under the pillow when kids sleep and in the morning the first task was to look and see what they got. Or maybe the present was left in the boot? The place is less important than the gift, if only is was not a rod (an option for naughty kids)!
At the same time, from Western culture, the custom of giving presents on Christmas was pouring in, and now it is not known how to reconcile Nicholas from December 6 with Nicholas, who in American films enters a house through the chimney at Christmas.
Traditionally, in various regions of Poland, gifts were given or not given on Christmas day – sometimes gifts were only for children on December 6. However, if they were, then also in different variants. In Silesia, the Child Jesus brings gifts. In the south of Poland (in the region of Kraków and Rzeszów), an angel brings gifts. In the west and north of the country, it is Gwiazdor or Gwiazdka (a human image of a star, male or female).

Projekt „Nowy Dom Polska” jest realizowany przez Caritas Polska w partnerstwie z Caritas diecezjalnymi oraz Urzędem do Spraw Cudzoziemców. Projekt współfinansowany z Programu Krajowego Funduszu Azylu, Migracji i Integracji oraz budżetu państwa. Wkład Unii Europejskiej „Bezpieczna Przystań”

Проект „Новый дом Польша” реализует Каритас Польша в сотрудничестве с Каритас епархии и Управлением по Делам Иностранцев. В соавторстве с Программы Национального Фонда Убежища, Миграции и Интеграции и государственного бюджета. Вклад ЕС „Безопасная Гавань”.

The project „A New House Poland" is implemented by Caritas Poland in cooperation with the Caritas departments in the dioceses and Office for Foreigners. Co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and state budget. EU contribution „Safe Harbour”.

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